Wild_ServicesWild animals are beautiful – except when they come indoors or cause damage to your home, office, and/or property. Cogent Pest Elimination removes wildlife with our no-kill/catch-and-release solutions. And, one price guarantees the problem is gone; Cogent Pest Elimination offers an unlimited catch price which means no per-animal catch fees that can quickly add up!

We’ll take care of the problem – without harming the animal. We’ll also provide a free, temporary close-up to prevent further wildlife problems while you arrange for a permanent, structural fix.

Cogent Pest Elimination’s humane wildlife trapping policies and procedures have been recognized by the Wildlife Center of Missouri. If we trap or find an animal that is injured or sick, we take them to the center. And, as our partner in the humane treatment of animals, they often refer wildlife pest control problems to us.

Call today and let Cogent Pest Control take care of your wildlife problem humanely.

Plus, experience:

  • Convenient, flexible scheduling
  • Immediate treatment plan
  • Follow-up maintenance plan
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Free, temporary close-up
  • Unlimited catch price