brown_recluse_spiderThe Brown Recluse Spider is common throughout the Midwest. Due to a distinctive violin-like pattern behind its eyes, it has several other names, such as the Fiddleback Spider, Brown Fiddler, or Violin Spider. The name “recluse” stems from the fact that these spiders tend to keep to themselves, living in dark, undisturbed places like garages, sheds and dark closets.

They are not aggressive by nature, and only bite when pressed firmly against the skin, as when one puts on an article of clothing. This is important to note, because shoes and garments that have been left hanging, like coats during the summer, are favorite spots.

Brown Recluse bites are usually painless and often go unnoticed until symptoms develop, between two to eight hours later. Immediate symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting and muscle pain. Bites cause a severe systemic reaction at the site, which develops a red zone and surrounding crust. Within 10-14 days, the crust falls off, leaving an ulcerated sore that may take several months to heal and/or require extensive medical attention. Given the severity of a bite, proper identification and precautionary measures are recommended, followed by professional help.

Our Approach:

Although Brown Recluse spiders are in most homes, activity levels vary. Determining the level of activity in your home or business is our first priority. Through proper monitoring, we can ascertain which service package best fits your need without unnecessary treatments and cost.

When remediating a Brown Recluse issue, commitment to treatments is critical because ongoing service, over the course of several months, is necessary for successful results.