german_cockroachWhile there are many species of roach, the most common in the St. Louis area is the German Cockroach. Rarely seen outdoors, they find their way into homes and business through cracks and crevices, vents and drain pipes. In addition, we unwittingly carry them in ourselves, in boxes, grocery bags and even purses.

Being nocturnal and egg producing offers natural protection from insecticides, which makes it easy for them to invade a home or business quickly. Roaches tend to take up residence in dirty environments that have easily-accessed food sources nearby. Consequently, a good way to avoid roach infestation is to keep food stored away and the area tidy.

However, once roaches have established harborage in your home or business, professional methods are called for, and the treatment varies depending on the type of roach. The Oriental Cockroach is most commonly found in damp areas such as crawlspaces and basements, the basis for its more common name, the water bug. They make their way into your home or business through cracks in the foundation, along utility pipes or from floor drains, as well as unscreened crawlspace vents and door thresholds.

The American Cockroach is the largest of the roaches that infest homes. Although most frequently found in sewer systems and heavily mulched areas, it can be found anywhere in the house.

Our Approach:

Treatment varies depending on the type of roach. The Oriental and American varieties can usually be eliminated in one visit. The German Cockroach however, typically requires a more comprehensive approach.

We use both chemical liquid and gel baiting applications, although not simultaneously. For most effective results, German Cockroaches also require a rigorous strategy, incorporating the customers’ involvement.