gopherGophers are small, burrowing rodents about 15 inches in length, and are the animal most highly adapted to digging and underground life in North America. While gophers can be incredibly useful by tilling the earth and allowing the soil to aerate, problems can arise when they become particularly active in a given area.

Gopher tunnel systems can measure up to several hundred feet, extending in all directions. The presence of sandy mounds on your lawn, created as the gopher excavates dirt from the tunnel, is a sure sign that you have a gopher problem.

Tunneling not only leaves lawns, gardens, and golf courses full of unsightly dirt mounds, the situation can become severe enough to disrupt commercial agriculture. Their habitual consumption of roots can kill plants or even leave large trees unable to support themselves in the ground, potentially toppling them. Not to mention the twisted ankles that may result from all the holes and weakened soil in your lawn.

The best way to deal with gophers is through physical means, as opposed to poisons or sprays. Placing traps in their holes is the most effective method of eradicating them.

Our Approach:

Trapping any wildlife is not for the do-it-yourselfer. Under all conditions, it requires an understanding of animal behavior, knowledge that can only be attained through experience. This is why a Cogent technician should be considered.

We practice humane catch and release protocols for all wildlife. Our service is similar for most wildlife, which includes live trapping, periodic adjustments, and replacement when necessary. We also offer unlimited catch pricing, which eliminates cost surprises at the end of the job.