We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. Here are some of the questions we most frequently hear, and answers you might find helpful.

Will your treatments harm my children and/or pets?
No. All of our treatment solutions are harmful to insects, but pose no safety concerns to humans or other mammals.

Can I remain at home while you perform a service?
Sure. Most of our treatment solutions have little or no odors so their application shouldn’t bother you at all.

Do the application of your treatments take a long time?
No. Most of the solutions we offer can be implemented within 30 minutes. If a longer treatment or follow-up visit (s) is/are required, we will let you know.

Will your treatments damage my furniture, plants, flooring?
No. All of our indoor and outdoor treatments are safe – for your possessions, pets, and children.

Why do I only have a mice problem in the fall and winter?
As the weather turns colder, mice look for a place to stay warm. In addition, the cold weather decreases their supply of food. The heat that escapes from buildings attracts mice – and other rodents and wildlife – in the cooler seasons.

Can you service a commercial establishment before or after business hours?
Sure. To not interfere with productivity, we offer flexible and convenient scheduling, including the option of a 5:00 AM service start time.

If my home isn’t made of wood, do I need to worry about termites?
Yes. Chances are, even if the outside of your home wasn’t constructed with wood, the interior and framework was. Take advantage of Cogent Pest ELimination’s free termite inspection offer today!

Should I get my home serviced in the winter? Don’t all bugs die in the winter?
Year round treatments are important for maintaining a pest free environment. It is common to have several types of insects, and/or rodents in your home during the winter. Also, our quarterly service programs include a strong warranty and discounted rates.