Term_ServicesIn nature, termites are exceedingly important detrivores, organisms that obtain their nutrients through organic compounds like wood, leaves, and even feces. Were it not for them, our world would be covered, several feet deep in these leftover materials. However, their “services” are not needed in our homes and businesses. In fact, due to their cellulose based diet, which includes not only wood, but other building materials such as fiberboard, termites cause more destruction than all types of natural disasters combined.

Termites have a cryptic nature, which means that they don’t usually come out into the open, making them difficult to detect. The Subterranean Termite is Missouri’s most common and destructive variety, entering homes while foraging for food, through cracks as small as 1/64 of an inch.

A typical colony can consume nearly 2 ½ linear feet of a 2×4 per year. And it isn’t only homes or businesses with frame construction that are at risk, every building, regardless of its construction offers food for termite infestation. This is why it’s crucial to know whether or not your home or business has evidence of termites, and a simple inspection can answer this question.

Our Approach:

Whether acting preemptively or responding to an active termite problem, we offer a permanent, one time chemical treatment of Termidor HE. Termidor HE allows for half of the water needed, and further distance between holes drilled into concrete, leaving you the best possible treatment available in the industry. Many pest control companies use generic products, and although they can be less expensive, they are also less effective, which is why we stick with the most trusted product in the industry.

Bait stations have become popular in the industry, but we do not use them either. Why? Because they are also less effective, and create a more lucrative position for pest control companies by necessitating frequent visits.

With Cogent, a yearly inspection/renewal is all that’s required to preserve our 20 year warranty. This inspection is $125 and is completely transferrable, an added benefit should you decide to sell your home or place of business.